Wholesale Seed Production

Wholesale Seed Production


Are you looking for a professional contract multiplication service operating in ideal climatic conditions? Through R. B. Dessert Seed Co., you can access a seamless 'seed-to-bag' service, which provides you with total integrity at every step.

Our contract multiplication service caters for a large range of both Open pollinated and Hybrid seeds, from very small plots up to 100+ hectares.

Quality control is crucial at every stage in our seed production cycle, from sowing with precision equipment, agronomic care during the growth phases through to timely and efficient harvesting, processing and storage.

R.B. Dessert Seed Co. is able to remove risk with our very reliable irrigation water supply from the massive Ord Irrigation System. And our remote farming valley provides secure isolations at all times.


The quality and quantity of seed we produce is testament to over 40 years of growing experience and four generations of seed production knowledge.

The Ord Irrigation Area is located in the north of Australia offering a climate very suitable for seed production. The dry season from April to October has the perfect seed growing climate with a guaranteed frost free growing season and very scarce in crop rain. Our furrow irrigation system similar to California and Arizona, USA also helps ensure quality results are achieved.

R.B. Dessert Seed Co. specialised seed cleaning and processing facility located in Kununurra is a vital component of our business. Our experienced staff work tirelessly to ensure our clients receive seed of maximum purity, with germination levels exceeding industry standards.

Field dressed seed is delivered promptly from our production farms to the centrally located plant, where samples are taken both before and after cleaning.
Other specialist machinery includes various sizes of clippers, indents, gravity tables and  a velvet roll, spiral, scarifier and debearder catering for all seed types from the smallest Petunia seed up to the largest bean seed.

Our facilities also include very large climate controled cool rooms and dry storage to ensure the quality of seed is maintained until shipping.