Location and Climate

Location and Climate


R.B. Dessert Seed Co. is located 13km from the township of Kununurra in the Ord River Irrigation Area.

GPS Co-Ordinates 128.50 E and 15.75 S The Ord River Irrigation Area is supplied by Lake Argyle (The largest man made lake in the Southern Hemisphere) boasting a storage capacity of 10700Giga Liters of water.

The Ord Irrigation Area is located in the north of Australia offering a climate very suitable for seed production. The dry season from April to October has the perfect seed growing climate with a guaranteed frost free growing season and nil in crop rain.

Our furrow irrigation system similar to California and Arizona, USA also helps ensure quality results are achieved.

The Ord Irrigation Area is also very isolated, hence it is free from many pests and diseases that face the rest of Australia and the world.