Forage Sorghum

Forage Sorghum


R.B. Dessert Seed Co. markets its own proprietary lines and Pioneer Brand Hybrid Forage Seed.


Cow Pow


Cow Pow is a thin-stemmed forage sorghum that gives on-going production for up to seven months. If it is planted after mid-October, Cow Pow will not go into head until mid autumn as its flowering is triggered by day light hours. This means yield and quality are easy to manage over large areas for sheep and cattle grazing and for hay production. Cow Pow is highly adapted to dryland and irrigated situations.

  • Sorghum x Sudan grass hybrid
  • Ultra-late flowering – Photoperiod sensitive
  • High forage yields
  • Quick growth and recovery
  • Easy to manage over large areas



Finerdan is very fine stemmed Ultra-Late flowering Sudan x Sudan forage Sorghum. It should be the first choice for hay producers.

  • Sudan x Sudan Grass hybrid
  • Ultra-late flowering – Photoperiod sensitive
  • High dry matter production of soft leafy feed
  • Quick regrowth after grazing and cutting

Pioneer Brand Forage Sorghum

  • Betta Graze – Sorghum x Sudan Hybrid
  • Mega Sweet – Sweet sorghum x Sweet sorghum Hybrid
  • Graze-N-Sile – Sorghum x Sorghum Hybrid